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2011-08-10 01:20:07 by ChaosCriticisor

New account is:

Then someone replies "get laid lol".

But srsly, I'm getting back into flash soon.

Its been a while since they let me come out to play...

2009-12-29 19:03:53 by ChaosCriticisor

So um...

My awesome ban!

2009-09-04 12:48:13 by ChaosCriticisor

I guess parody threads have a quality standard that I should meet.

My awesome ban!

This was me...

2009-08-26 09:40:42 by ChaosCriticisor

When I was working on my game.
Ill get to scripting the koopas... eventually!

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Project: Super Mario Revived [WORKING TITLE]

2009-07-19 13:51:45 by ChaosCriticisor

The concept isn't new, its a mario clone, but with a new-gen twist. Itll have updated graphics, cutscenes, powerups, epic stuff, you'll see. If it works out Ill probably keep using the engine in the future.

UPDATE(8/11): due to me going on vacation for a while, the game might not make it for August. Ill still work on it (Im brining my Laptop), but wont have as much time for it. The project grew larger than expected. However, I do plan on putting a Youtube trailer this month, so look foward to that.

As of 8/26
Due Date: TBA 2009
Overall Progress - 60%

Presentation - 25%
Engine/Script - 75%
Level Design - 65%
Graphics - 45%
Sound - 20%

Project: Super Mario Revived [WORKING TITLE]